Follower UI Management Panel Missing Obvious Basic Stuff

I am please to see the follower UI implenented but it is very very basic. You can’t even click on a column to sort by that column, like sorting by name. Nor can you rename followers from within the follower UI. Both of these , I assumed it would have been obvious basics to implement these to the live release.

Can we please have the ability to edit thralls names from within the followers UI? I have 23 Lian’s and want to name them Lian1, Lian2 Lian3 etc. I now have to find each follower manually to edit their names. The next problem is that while naming them manually they do not show in order in the follower UI panel which makes it really difficult to keep track of followers and if you have a “LianX” missing.

Being able to click the “name column” in the follower UI to sort your followers by name would also be really helpful, rather than limiting it to just being sorted by “Level”. Any clans with 50+ animals will have a nightmare managing them with this UI.

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This would have been great feed back during test live. And maybe they can tweak it now that we have it. But this is a good start. The recall/break bond was the biggest need, and that was added, with actual thought into how people could exploit it. I think the main management they were worried about was the number of thralls and ways to remove or recall lost thralls. As far as being a true mechanic for QoL over all, that was was 2nd fiddle in this release.


Not everybody has access to test live

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