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I’ve equipped a Akbitanan Shield and a Predatory Blade on 2 separate followers, the First one a Snow Hunter she got wiped out when she shouldn’t have gotten wiped I though it was a fluke I loaded the same type of Shield and Blade in the second one a Treasure Seeker and have noticed over time the Shield is taking damage when it shouldn’t? Now I’m wondering if this is the reason Miss Snowhunter Died?
its 50% down now yet all of her armor and swords, her other sword is a Blade of the Adventurer are showing the normal No damage taken.

I have not tried different Shields.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip shield and single handed sword to follower and observe the Shield over time.
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There is a glitch allowing shields and maybe weapons take durability damage. I thought it was only on PC . Not PS4 have not experienced it my self. When a player uses Predatory blade only light attacks do damage heavy does the same as truncheon. Not sure about thralls. If you take away shield don’t think you will find damage to your thralls weapon.

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I think there was bug reports on the PC for this, too.

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Same for thralls. Predatory is only good on players.


Hi @King_Gundy, thanks for your report. We’ll forward to our team so they can look into it.

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If it was different then all the other weapons would be useless. Still I have to confess that the greatest damage I ever took in pvp fights was from yogs axe. It was really op, thank God they nerf it. Closing, I would beg if I have to for act of violence to be restored in it’s old glory. It is a legendary that you can have early in the game and help you a lot until the end.

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Not familiar with act of violence. Where is it.

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To the bat caves on the north. There are four caves. The lowest gives you knowledge for black blood arrows. The 2 middle ones gives you (2 bosses but these caves are connected) unwelcome gift (a shield that you can toss to the opponent), holobone bow (the 2nd best bow of the game), and act of violence (this axe before the nerf had a random strike extremely powerful). Imagine that Spinas before the nerf of the axe could end red mama in seconds :joy::joy::joy:. Glory days. The fourth cave is giving you the tools. To our server tomorrow is my berseker day (day 4) and Warmaker dungeon . Today I got Tugra to help me :wink:. So in 2 days I 'll visit the bat caves for my favorite tools.

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