Folovers hit box

After the uppdade i no longer se my thralls/pets/folowerd hitboxes when they are in combat, lost some hard or i need to lock at inventory to keep track on ther HP so cant do combat myself, is it only me or what? Any ides?

This bug has been reported.

Not sure when they plan on fixing it; probably with the patch that will reduce health by 40% and damage by an additional 30% across the board for all thralls. There’s a patch note in there that’s cryptic about the health bar disappearing - I’ll check on testlive later.


What exactly do you mean. You allready have official info about the things you just said?

It’s in the most recent Testlive patch - both the thrall stat reductions as well as fixing the missing hitpoints bar.


Yes, yesterday i watch the video that @Wak4863 upload about it. Omg, sometimes all i do is play, play, play :joy::joy::joy:. My father in law is saying to me that i am not a proper man because i don’t watch the news :yum:, i don’t give a s… t. I have enough problems, i don’t need more. When i go home, i want to deal with my family and when everything is ok i want to play and relax. Am i wrong? Thank you for the reply :+1:.