Food decay timer seems wonky

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [US]

I’m noticing that cooked food is decaying with stunning alacrity since this most recent patch. Grilled Steak, for instance–it’s starting timer is a little over 3 hours. I logged out pre-patch and had at least 2 hours remaining on my steaks; upon logging in today post-patch, my steaks had less than 1 hour remaining. I ate one, and the timer popped back to 3.whatever hours…roughly 30 minutes of play later, I had just over 1 hour remaining. I also got to watch the timer on my steaks change irrationally–46 minutes & an odd number of seconds suddenly became 48 minutes and a different number of seconds.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Cook food
  2. Wait a bit
  3. Watch timers do weird stuff

Pretty much every timer is affected from what I have seen and read so far, not just food.
The timer skips 20s every 5s or so, which leads to a rapid decay of everything with a timer on it.

Except that I actually got to watch my steaks get even fresher for a brief period. So it’s more than just a “losing time” bug; something somewhere is seriously borked.

Same issue here. Also with torches and temperature.


Also affects raw food spoilage. Put some fish into press, spoiled like 5 minutes later.

Not only are the timers for consumables whacky but hunger and thirst seem to deplete twice as quick or worse.

Plus every drink has been drastically reduced.

In real life, I’ve never needed to drink 10 full mugs of berry pulp to sate my thirst.

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I suspect with no proof that it has something to do with the vanishing bases and , benchs, etc. The decay is on NITRO in every aspect of the game =p

I can confirm as well, and I did a little bit of testing.
Currently playing on Official Server # 1575 PvP - g-portal,us

I did 3 trials with “20-minute” torches and recorded how long they actually lasted with a stopwatch app on my phone.

Torch 1: 4 minutes 5.87 seconds
Torch 2: 4 minutes 2.12 seconds
Torch 3: 4 minutes 1.54 seconds

This comes out rather close to an 80% reduction in spoilage times - which means that everything is spoiling 5 times faster than it should.

From what i can tell, it seems like every 5 seconds the timer “loses” 20 seconds - which the data above seems to corroborate (in 20 seconds of real time, the timer counts down 20 seconds normally and you “lose” 20 seconds 4 times, for a total timer reduction of 100 seconds: an 80% reduction)

I do not have actual data for food spoilage yet, but it seems to be suffering the exact same way as the torches. Same for Yellow lotus potions.

I have at least 5 other people on the server who are noticing this as well. Please help before we all die from the famine of 2018, and not from numerous stab wounds like Crom intended.