Food during leveling broken?

Is it me or does the food you give animals/thralls during leveling seem to give off false positives. For instance, leveling a sabre cat with abys flesh should be pushing you closer towards Strength bonus however time after time I always get Survival and Agility more than strength even though the % at times shows higher than 60% potential.

I get the feeling this entire thing is broken.

It’s statistics, although I wouldn’t agree that lower than 75% is basically 0%. I just finished leveling a greater cat a couple of days ago. When I placed it and saw it had only 70%, I almost scrapped it, but decided to give it a try anyway. It turned out with 42+13 str. The +13 is from winning the perk lottery, but 42 was a streak of leveling luck. I can’t calculate the probability density function because I don’t know the probability of winning the “hidden roll”, but getting 32 points over 20 levels is definitely above what I would expect from the effective growth chance of 84% (70 + 14 from abysmal flesh).

All in all, there are plenty of examples of weirdness on both ends of the luck spectrum…

That’s why I hate RNG-based mechanics so much.

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