Food for stat boost

How about for the sake of making food useful again, make it come with a stat boost dependant on tier

Low grade: adds a temporary(maybe 1 minute because T1) boost to 1 specific stat per food

Mid grade: adds a temporary(this could be 5 minutes) boost to 2 specific stats per food

High grade: adds a temporary(this could be 10 minutes) boost to 3 specific stats

God feasts: adds a temporary(this could be 15 minutes) boost to 3 specific stats

Just some food for thought(pun intended) feel free to discuss ideas

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We just need to be able to heal while battling again.
Funcom has ruined the game. Now we have a standing around animation while wrapping our wounds or drinking a potion to heal. Unbelievable! Forget about healing while you take on a large group of enemies. I loved this game, but now its unplayable during heavy combat. The console version is untouched for now. I will continue on that i guess for now till they update and ruin it as well. Such a shame, i prefer playing on my PC. Funcom, please remove the animation needed while healing. This way we can still use the healing wraps while fighting. Even if food still no longer heals, that’s fine. But at least let us use wraps while we swing our weapon.

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