Food for thralls / creatures is blank since patch that reduced thrall strength

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [East Coast]

  1. Go to inventory for thrall or creature. There should be an area that shows the types of food the thrall or creature can eat. Instead it is blank and you have no idea what food they require. This worked fine until the patch that reduced the damage modifier and hitpoints that thralls had. It has been broken for a long time.

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Diet images have been gone from all Pets and Thralls for months. I’ve no idea why this hasn’t been fixed? Funcom?

If you want to appear again go into your solo game and open a thrall inventory and you should see it. Then go back to main page and go into your server and you should now see it again.

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Thanks. Will have to try that on console. Might work.

you might have to do that everytime you log in as I log off and when I come back it’s not there anymore. It’s a pain no question about it.

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Not a problem. I would try it out now but I don’t have a offline game. My wife does will ask her to do it worse case we can take screen shots. Thanks again.

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