Food in wheel of pain skips 20 seconds every 5 seconds

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Europe]

[The decay timer on the food that i have in my wheel of pain skips 20 seconds every couple of seconds thus decaying a lot fastyer then should. This seems the same as the food in the taskbar that has the same problem ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

All food counters have that bug

Not just food counters. All counters. Torches have this bug also.

did you test if it really has less time than it should have?

my guess : maybe the server is lagging a little bit behind and therefor just syncing the time?

edit : nevermind, the lotus potion seems to have a similar problem -> it has 1.30min spoil time ,but skips every 15 seconds like 15 seconds, this keeps only 20-30 seconds to use it effectivly.

edit2 : ALL timers are bugged, torches, food, taming etc.!
they all skip after X amount x seconds (in my case like all 15 seconds, 15 seconds)