Food/item decay is really fast post DLC patch

So since the big DLC patch I’ve seen a bug that I saw in the past happen a LOT more. The bug is where time seems to pass SUPER fast in crafting stations for a short period of time.

The ways this might manifest:
Pressing go on a Furnace almost instantly smelts everything inside it
Pressing go on a crafting station instantly finishes all the crafting (or almost instantly 1800 brick hardener took about 3 seconds but BOY did that number go fast!)
Food (and other items with food-like decay timers) seem to decay SUPER DUPER FREAKING FAST

The last one is the worst. I can drop 200 Exotic meat off in the cooking fire and wander off for an hour, and when I come back they’ll either be fine, a piece or two will have gone rotten, or the entire amount will have gone rotten.

Has anyone else been seeing similar happenings? I feel like I used to see this occasionally, but now it happens all the time. I have to sit and watch my food cook, then yank it out and toss it into a preservation box to make sure it doesn’t almost instantly spoil - even if it is jerky. I’ve even had Purified Flesh which lasts for days go bad (But it still lasts longer than normal food).

I’m wondering if this ties into the Purges not firing for a lot of people, too. Some recent testing by people (See Reddit) showed that the Purge meter decays fairly quickly while offline - I wonder if it’s decaying EXTRA fast the same way food decays extra fast for a lot of us.

Anyone else noticing this with food?

(Also I’ve seen some people try to say this is related to leaving food inside a cooking utensil - nope. It happens elsewhere, too, and the game has no special code about leaving food in a cooking utensil anyways.)

This isn’t new.

It seems to happen randomly.

I used to occasionally see the mass-craft thing before the patch. But the food decay thing has never happened to be pre-DLC patch. Having entire stacks go bad in minutes/hours never happened (to us).

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