Fool's Paradise RP | PVP 18+

Fool’s Paradise RP | PVP 18+
Season 1

Server launches Saturday, 04/10/2021

General Information
Name of Server: Fool’s Paradise RP | PVP 18+

Map: Savage Wilds


ERP Focused?: ERP is welcomed but not required.

Age Restrictions?: Must be 18+

Location of Server: NA | New York

Max capacity of server: 70

Discord Link:

Is RP done through text or voice?: Text-Based Only

Is the server pass worded or open or is there a whitelist?: Passworded, but no application. There is only one small character question players fill out when joining discord.

Server Settings

XP rate: 3x
Gathering Rate: 3x

(For the first week, all XP is 6x… First Week Only!)

Day/Night Ratio: Longer Days, Semi Long Nights (for RP immersion)

Hunger/Thirst settings: Non-existent to not interrupt RP

Drop Equipment on Death: No

God Avatars Enabled: No

Containers Ignore Ownership: No

The Purge Activated: Yes

Peak Play Times: TBD

Server Lore
Our lore is loosely based off that of Conan, as well as the fantasy worlds such as DnD and other realms. We offer a variety of races options as well as different classes to enhance not only player’s RP but PVP as well.

Server Rules
The Admins have created rules that allow creative freedom as well as a balance between that of RP and PVP.

The Rumbling

Date & Time: Saturday 05/08/2021 @ 1 pm CST!

Event Description:

Marcellus Scipio, the retired gladiator has opened his gates to his arena. Wishing to cause chaos.

OOC Information:

Fool’s Paradise is hosting a 3 part arena brawl. The details are as followed…

Part I

• ⁠Free for All - All those participating will take their place inside the arena. Last one standing takes the reward!

Part II

• ⁠2 vs. 2 - Team sign up with solo pairing available for those that do not have a partner. Will be a tier system. Last team standing wins!

Part III

• ⁠1 vs. 1 - Tier system. Will be paired by levels. There will be a first, second, and third place reward.


Free for All - $10 Steam Gift Card

2 vs. 2 - $25 Steam Gift Card each

1 vs. 1

• ⁠1st Place $50 Steam Gift Card
• ⁠2nd Place $25 Steam Gift Card
• ⁠3rd Place $15 Steam Gift Card


  1. ⁠Sign Up - Is done via server discord. Please sign up for all or/and a few.
  2. ⁠Level - Minimum level to participate is 150
  3. ⁠Weapons & Gear - will be provided at the event
  4. ⁠RP - This is an IC event. There will be lore released for the event and therefore we expect players to follow RP etiquette. If you lose, play as injured etc.

Welcome to the Hole!

Have you ever wanted to play the game and just focus on the fun aspect and less on the grind aspect? Like you want to RP and meet new people and just relax. Not worry about maintaining a base or not even knowing where you can take part in activities.

Well we’ve recently created something to help with that. The Hole is a new hub that has a multitude of features that will assist members in their over all goal.

1. Jobs - The Hole offers roles members of the community can choose from. From: Being a worker at a brothel or a guard, maybe you want to be a bartender or just a dancer. Best part you earn Pippi money doing these jobs.
2. Arena & Jousting - at The Hole members can practice their skills in different ways or simply enjoy it for entertainment.

3. Housing - Don’t want to build a base? No worries. There are apartments available that provide privacy and security. No need to worry someone having access to your belongings.

4. Public Crafting House - need to craft but hate having crafting stations everywhere? The Hole has a public crafting hall that is open for all to use.
The Hole offers members a chance to get right into the fun without worrying too much of having to work too hard.