For all they have issues with the weapons to view on your character and have the mods fashionist and BBJigglePhysics

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Server type: [SELECT ONE] PvE
Region: [ EU ]
Mods?: [ Are mods installed: Yes
Edition: [ Select one: Steam ]

Bug Description:

Ok, for all they have the following mods:


BBJigglePhysics makes the issue with the equiped weapons they not show right on your character.

If you have activated in vanilla game to show your weapons on your character deselected it!

Then go in your inventory, push the button on the left side fashionist and set the slider to show your weapons and hide your tools (or if you want show your tools). Push the save button to save it.

Back in game your weapons show right on your character. You must them unequiped and equiped, than goes it. That solve the issue with BBJigglePhysics.

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If this is a bug report for a mod I do t think funcom can help you. You would need to reach out to the author of whichever mod you are having trouble with.

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No, the author of this mod can’t help, this mod is not longer on steam.

Then I hate to say you might be out of luck, funcom can’t bug fix for mods as they are not officially endorsed by funcom. You might have to find another similar mod to use in lieu of the one your having issues with.

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Oh, my god i know that all. This is an info for all they have the mod BBJigglePhysics to solved the issue that have this mod with the last update. That’s all!


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