For all you private server owners

If you’re going to blow up someone’s entire base setup with no warning, have a reason?

I spent 3 days setting up a base… collecting resources… getting gear… only to log in today with everything gone, and me standing naked at the starting spawn point.

No warning, no message as of why… just everything gone.

Might I suggest having a discord (it’s free) so I can at least ask why I lost 3 days of playtime?

If you just want to be a jerk and blow up people’s stuff… or maybe you just want only your friends to play on the server… set up a password to access the server?

Things like this really make me want to not play this game… as I have had this issue on multiple private servers…

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One of many reasons I play on official. :unamused:


As do I, but those private servers with faster leveling and harvesting keep calling meeee lol

I was like that for a bit a long time ago. I got over it. It’s not too bad if you create your build right and take more risks to level quicker.

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