For Developers: About news of new changes

The saddest thing of all is you and we have to go through all this, all this frustration to get to the obvious, the absolutely obvious, that’s all we’ve always wanted.

Since I launched the new map I have been so happy, more so happy I was more anxious for the new map of Conan than for Cyberpunk 2077, and everything we all expected was clear everything we always loved in Conan in 4 years done “the same but improved”.
When the new map came out it was a real SHOCK for everyone, it was NOTHING what we wanted, or expected, visually the game was beautiful, Conan’s visual team is incredible, one of the best in the world, all desing, armor, weapons … they are incredible, but you wanted to create a “new game” and not the game we wanted, and “other games” there are thousands on the market, we just had to buy another game from another company.

To have changed all the mechanics of Conan from a game of “humans” fighting humans, with cities, which we expected many and very dense and alive, the long-dreamed “city system”, was so absurd when “God of War” changed the enemies for “pink horse with wings”, nobody would like it, nobody asked for it, so why would they do it, then why did you do it?

I have more than 3,000 hours of Conan, I played the game since the 1st day of early access, and I played every day, I bought all the DLCs, and would buy as many others as they were excited about the game, the new map totally killed my will to play, I can’t play the old map anymore because his graphic is absurdly outdated, but he had “personality, he had charisma”, even with few cities we felt participating in a world it was nice to run around the cities looking for an NPC handsome slave, or legendary, or named, the feeling on the island is of total loneliness and having nothing to do, I very much agree with the people on the chart.

You should have focused on the simplest, which has always been the necessity of the game, NPCs and human slaves, always launching new NPCs and slaves, that we feel like capturing and having them, buying and putting beautiful armor on them, weapons …

Should have focused on the capiturable NPCs to be increasingly “differentiated and unique” with bodies, especially bodies every NPC has the same body only changes the size of the chest, this is unacceptable in 2020, almost 2021 , faces, hair, and make slaves more and more alive and natural at the bases, that players feel like creating YOUR CASTLE, your little living world, and in operation and I don’t believe in dolls with armor … just like ARK that has infinite options for catches on the map, and people collect about 1,000 dinos and always want to catch more no matter how long they play.

For now I will continue without playing, I almost can’t believe I stopped playing Conan this is very serious I have stopped playing shows that you have reached the critical moment of losing players with more than 3,000 hours of game, this is very serious, very critical, very urgent.

I liked everything that was said, I kept an eye on it, as soon as this happens I obviously intend to go back to the game.

was posted on Dec 18th…

go read it! i think its great news for all of us


Not for those “with […] a certain phobia” :rofl:

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The only question about the new stuff for 2021 is: Official servers going to wipe or no? Because map change is a big stuff…

They have said, over and over, in every single Dev stream that they do, multiple times, on plain English, repeatedly, definitively, without exception, even as maps change and new features are added, that they WILL NOT WIPE OFFICIAL SERVERS. How this question keeps coming up boggles my mind. I have no doubt the devs have grown quite weary of answering it.

Yes I read it, when I created this “translated” text it was a “reply” to this post on steam, but whenever I do a reply text there I also post it here, since it is a “message to the developers” and I want them to read it, that they receive the thought of a real player.

I was “happy” with the error acknowledgment they announced, but at the same time I was “sad” that all of us at funcom and the players had to go through such a “negative” experience.

As I said once again, the “visual” team of the game shone, and it shone a lot, the graphic is beautiful and, I play in the epic, the graphic was EVERYTHING I expected was in the ARK average which is certainly the comparison that 90% of us have in mind.

The big problem is that they bet EVERYTHING on the world chart, the game had a gigantic evolution of the world but of the NPCs and slaves there was nothing, the “old” Conan had a world surpassed with very advanced NPCs, and now the new Conan had an ‘advanced and beautiful world’ with outdated NPCs, there was no equivalent graphic and technology evolution of the world with NPCs and slaves’ graphic and technology.

That was the big problem, to “camouflage” the non-evolution of NPCs and slaves they filled the world with “monsters” and didn’t give everything everyone expected, cities, many human NPCs to fight and capture and improve the main mechanics of the game, so the solution to not “improve” the main mechanics of the game was to “take it away” or make it so, so difficult that people would not notice that there was no evolution in intelligence, and application of NPCs in the game, of course no player would agree with that, after all if you take your main and most beloved mechanics out of a game, what is left? a world where we do not know what to do or what we are there for, without goals and incentives to play.

I can be wrong to still believe, after reading this news that motivated my text, that Funcom really saw that it did, and it did ugly, very ugly, and will make Conan really an interesting game for its 4 year old players, who will focus on the system of NPCs and slaves, on being a game of “humans” and not monsters, on being a game that you feel like exploring, going from city to city looking for slaves, creating a system of procedural visuals of NPCs that create a very wide variety of looks, and not a body with big or small breasts, we want to feel that it’s worth leaving the house, that we’re going back with something we saw and wanted to capture …

Now we will wait and once again give credit, they have recognized the error is a very long way, now we will wait to see how the solution of this error will develop, I will be watching and hoping that everything happens in the best possible way.

So to summarize, your complaint is not that they are addressing your concerns, it’s that they didn’t do it from the start.

Okay, but isn’t that what Early Access is all about? Cause, that’s pretty much the reason. Do something, get feedback, change based on feedback.


It is not my “complaint”, I am happy, I am not complaining that they recognized the error, I am congratulating that they recognized the error.
I am supporting that they are right, and recognizing and announcing that they are going to change and do “the right”, or at least what the vast majority expected.

The translation may have changed the general context of my lines a little!

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