💥 _/\_ For dust you are; and unto dust you shall return [a thrillingly and visceral adventure]

…crying with the wolves


Server owner: mature older individual.

:boom: FASTER COMBAT [invest in Agility for faster dodge and faster sprint]

:boom: FASTER SERVER: fast loading times, minimal lag, building proliferation controlled by the server

:boom: CONTROL YOUR BUILDING SCORE: press INSERT key and type DataCmd REQ

SHADES ΩF AGONY - PvE-Conflict [PvP without base destruction - You “raid” the players, not their buildings]

:boom: SHADES ΩF AGONY * Blinding Tears - EEWA installed plus other modifications :boom:

<> TWEAKS <>

:boom: Server performance changes: loading speed, mod size capabilities, network connection stability, rubber banding and lag per client positioning errors, etc.

:boom: Client performance: intensiveness of the game to the computer, graphics improvements without significant impact on running capability, etc.

:boom: AI performance changes: realistic speeds in combat, unpredictable rotations, a more aggressive and competent logic for thralls and enemies, general thrall improvements, collision and patching upgrades, etc.

:boom: Various functionalities: some unintended and happily received consequences have been the result of settings changed, from assets actually loading properly with full ranges of capabilities I didn’t know they could do, to full-on lighting and weather fixes. They like to just surprise you when they appear.


Isle of Siptah :desert_island:

  • Daily Temperature Cycle - you shall see temperature difference between day and night - Island has only one biome
  • Weather Exposure system - weather on Island is tied to maelstrom occurrence, nasty stormwinds ahoy!
  • Custom Shelter mechanics - too hot/cold for comfort? hide from elements, light campfire, use environment (or structures) to save your life exile
  • Eldritch Phenomena support:
    • Mysterious maelstrom plagues the Island and rules the weather, don’t let its high winds cach you unprepared.

Custom maps support:

  • as long as author followed Exiled Lands climate volumes and weather design rules, Severe Weather shall work in plug-and-play mode providing basic day-night cycle/climate/weather/shelter functionality but depending on map design some values may be off.

Known Issues: upon entering vault on Isle your temperature gets locked and can’t be changed - it’s a game “feature” pending with Funcom


*The brain uses old information to predict what might happen in similar scenarios in the future, which is an important tool for survival. Learn and predict the future every time you die!

Update your predictions!


  • When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves to survive :drop_of_blood:

:boom: There are modifications in the form of file tweaks plus mods. Check below:


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Hmm looks like Lara Croft not conan, and dont cry, games not worth of crying <3


:woman_cartwheeling: SCROLL UP -

I liked this. I wish the offical game was like this.