For FC: the t2 pvp set is a bad sell on crom

maybe you can see the numbers on how many people actually buy this and not, but I can see it in minigames.very few players buy the t2 PvP set.

  • already most veterans have several toons at max level and high levels
  • pve gear is also viable and in some cases a better option
  • the stats aren’t all the different from t1, which can be aquired after about 1 week of festivals or so, or arena duels.

what would be a another but more HUMANE and attractive addition to the item shop is vanity gear with t3 stats that only PvP 10 players can use? make some cool vanity sets from older gear like you have done reskins/recolorings of older gear before. the blue culture sets (78-79 crafted) comes into mind!

like you saw in that other thread, a lot of players want more vanity, and look at most other games they have wide vanity variety. it’s something people want, and are willing to pay for it seems.