For funcom in love

I haven’t complained in any game I’ve played in my life. This game makes me want to break my xbox. It’s a game that can conquer the titles, the developers turned it into a joke, severe lags that destroy the game experience at the highest level. Like in the middle of a battle it suddenly allowed to fill life and that means I’ve been robbed several times, which happened to me if bosses still could waste 20 minutes of my life I should come and get The things back, there are bosses if lag that are transparent and there is no way to beat something like that. All this only online! You do a crap job online. But I also have good words to give. In single player you played it everything ran perfect crazy game. When will the moment come for you to fix the game officially? And one more thing I would recommend to you Make more skins that cost money This is the only game I like spending money on. I’m glad I got to be a part of the Conan community. I believe that you will invest.
Server 2732. Gamecard:RanhaimDR.:heart: