For my fellow 3D vision gamers. Vote for Age of Conan!

Any of you who, like me, play games with 3D vision have certainly tried to play AOC and found it to be unsupported and lacking much to my dismay. There is a popular mod blog website that releases hot fixes to make many games more compatible and it has truly been a gem for the 3D gaming community. So if you are a 3D gamer like myself and would like to see a hotfix for AoC to play this beautiful game in 3D vision, then head on over and cast your vote. And you can also vote for other games you would like to see 3D fixes for while you’re there. It requires nothing to vote except a minute of time.

Vote here

Note: I know some of you out there hate 3D and all that for whatever reason so this post is not directed at you. In other words if you come here to post how you hate 3D and wish it cast into the void to be forgotten about forever it will be considered a bit of useless information and also “off topic”

max 30 votes per games, with mine it went from 205th to 132th

heh i didnt even know you could do that. SO yea cast 30 votes for aoc!

i support this in the hopes they go beyond 3d and support vr so i can do it on my rift.