For Player Inspiration: Ashen Risen RP server Tour

I am sure this is being added by FunCom, but in case not - and I’ll remove when they do.

Anyone that thinks that PvP is the only course of ‘enjoyment’, check out the latest FC stream:

Mindblowing, inspirational, awesome. Bow at feet of.

I was ABSOLUTELY blown away. I was the one in chat while Jens was streaming and my jaw was on the floor the whole time. It’s incredible the details and hard work they put into their server.

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Thats something definitely to aspire towards.

Oh yes, I took a glance at the recording. The level of detail and stuff is just… genius!
I love it. Also the port and stuff.

Unfortunately this level of detail is only possible if using mods. Not only but most importantly Pippi to start with, as Pippi allows for quests. Next is some contentmod like savage steel or age of calamitous.
Only when playing with these, this level of detail becomes possible.

Just finished the stream. I’m constantly blown away by the RP community and what they have been able to accomplish. Obviously I’m heavily involved in the modding community and thus, I recognized lots of mod authors fingerprints all over that stream. So shout out to all the wonderful mod authors who give RPers the power use their imaginations to the fullest extent.


Correct. But do not for a moment think that inspiration is not drawn from the mod-community when further enhancements of the game are made or proposed. The volume of players on that server (and others of a similar nature) show where the feet-votes are and that counts.

how do i join a rp server. and yes this my first time searching for an rp server and pretty much wanting to do rp but i do know how to rp i have been waching rp streamers (example: stealth rg & nagzz21) at the moment of posting this reply i dont have conan exiles but i will have it soon for the ps4 in april since it will be free in the playstation store for play station plus subs.

It all depends on the private server. If they are password protected, then you will need to do some research to find out how to apply. Most will have either a Steam Group or even a website specific to them (youtube too). Also, check if they have a Discord group. Check the actual mod groups too as many will list servers running their mods and in those groups you may find ways to connect. Just remember too, that geographic restrictions could cause issues: ping rates inter-continental may restrict you too - as well as international laws on content (who said it was simple). :grin:

i was hoping to join on the server that was presented in the youtube video because it looks badass!!!

or the very least one that is as similar and is compatible to ps4

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