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In PvP, you at least have options to deal with people who build in dumb, or trollish ways. You can destroy their structures. If the whole server dislikes what the person is doing, they can get together to do something about it. But PvE, you are simply at the mercy of these bad builders.

For instance, on one PvE-C server, this guy has literally taken over the whole large water area near the mounds. He is in the process of enclosing some areas that we need to access for game purposes. His base is ugly, and nothing more than sandstone…huge walls…no point to most of the building except to conquer territory. I see this a lot. And, this is always a huge problem on PvE servers, and DEVs never seem to want to do anything about it. I had hoped that the Purge would deal with these people, but I have lost hope on that ever being the cure.

The cure is simple really, but Devs seem loathe to implement it. Restrict how big people can build. I know some people who only play the game are going to squeal like stuck pigs at this notion, but you can build great structures without taking up the land area of a shopping mall.

Most of the bases I have seen, that are big, are ugly. One of the coolest bases I have seen, is made of insulated wood, in the north (H 8/9) It looks like a village. Each building is a player home, or a crafting area, or stables, etc… This is on server #1942 PvE-C. It’s not small, but not ginormous either. But most importantly, these guys know how to build good looking structures, but aren’t blocking off anything important, nor just trashing an area where a lot of people will want to do things.

For instance, on this same server, somebody had build a structure IN…yes IN Shattered Springs. Thankfully he left the server. I was worried he was going to do what I saw somebody do on a PvP server, which was build all over the area, blocking the spawns of Brimstone. He only blocked a few, but still, why is that area not a no build zone? I honestly think PvE needs more areas to be no build zones. The Devs should take a serious look at the map, and think about whether people building there, will affect people playing the game.

That same clan that build in H8/9 are now building near the mounds also, but again, they are building something that enhances the area, instead of destroying it. They are using the roads near the Mounds to make a village around them. Once again, not blocking important areas, or blocking spawns. What they did do, to reserve some area for their future building, is create some insulated wood gazebos, with a brazer in them. Again, this enhances the look of the area. Contrast that with the area around the ponds near Sep, where somebody is blocking tons of spawns with sandstone foundations, and the place just looks ugly.

To be honest, it makes me want to just go play single player, when I see people just spam sandstone foundations.

So, suggestions are:

  • Create a flag/object…a land claim, that creates a circle that you must build within. Anything build outside of that will decay and the timer cannot be reset. It may be feasible to include some minor land claims that allow you to build a few outposts. These would be much smaller, for building map rooms near Obis, outposts for thrall gathering, etc…
  • Drastically increase the destructive power of a purge if people build big.
  • Make foundations with no walls or ceilings within a certain distance, decay with no timer. This would take some experimentation. The idea is for the server to detect land claim structure spamming. The idea is to encourage building useful structures, but not spamming structures to claim land.
  • Create more no-build zones to keep people from blocking off game content.
  • Create an upper limit of structures that a clan can have. Maybe have it increase with each additional player in the clan. For instance, for 1 player, it may be 10k structures. For an additional person it would be 12K, for 3 it would be 13.75k total for the clan, etc… Each person does not bring 10k structures. The idea is that you don’t need to recreate everything for each person. The crafting area, for instance may need to be slightly larger, but not much.

And please…can we get a gray version of the sandstone, and sandstone brick? Building yellow stone in the North looks bad…really bad. The stone there is gray, not yellow, so it makes stone look out of place, until you get to T3, and now have reinforced stone, which is at least more gray.

Another suggestions is to have a maintenance cost to structures. Building ginormous now creates work for you. I don’t think you should have to touch every structure piece, but I also don’t like anything automated that repairs everything, and you just have to provide resources. Maybe allow the repair hammer to have an area affect, outside of combat hours, so that you can repair an area with each hammer blow. Maybe something on the order of 6 foundation radius, to the sides, up and down. Would help repair structures you can’t get to…or maybe make structures that have all 4 sides, and their top, connected to other structures, immune to decay. This would prevent problems with buried structure pieces.

You really shouldn’t build with reinforced stone or stone brick in the north, those building mats have heat protection quality’s. If you do build with those mat’s in a cold area, at least put your gear in a chest and log out naked with inventory empty, so when it kills you, you wont lose your stuff.

I agree something needs to be done about overbuilding, resource blocking, lore blocking and walling off areas. I think building destroying storms that only hit areas like shattered springs lore points and the starting area might be a possible solution.

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I love this idea!


I’ll start by saying not against the spirit of your ideas. I play PVE-C only and I’ve seen too many problems with trolls and griefers and simply inconsiderate people. I really wish I had a way of dealing with them.

I needed to say this upfront, because I do have criticisms of your ideas and I don’t want that to be taken as being against changes.

I like the claim flag idea the best, but I don’t like that anything outside it will decay and you can’t do anything about it. I would much rather have everything outside it be vulnerable to explosives and trebuchets. Basically, allow people to have a base that’s invulnerable and let PVP sort the rest of it :slight_smile:

Also, while I’m not necessarily against using a fixed surface area for the claim, like you proposed, I think it would be better for this claim flag to automatically protect all the connected building pieces, but require some kind of fuel. The formula for the fuel usage could be tweaked in such a way that a reasonable-sized base is easy to maintain, but the cost rises exponentially past that threshold.

If you then allow each player (not clan, but player) to place only one such flag (just like they can only place one bedroll), you can have a pretty decent claim system and a good source of conflict in form of limited PVP :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t think this would work. People will just figure out the formula and build foundations with all the necessary bits on top :man_shrugging:

No-build zones are not enough. It’s already easy to wall off an entire no-build zone, unless it’s really huge like the Unnamed City or hard enough to build on like the cliffs around the Summoning Place. Even then, it’s hard, but feasible.

However, additional no-build zones coupled with a claim flag (or some other similar claim mechanism) would be fine.

I’m categorically against this. If I want to build a jousting arena and some claim mechanism makes it so that someone else can destroy it because they don’t like it, that’s fine. But if I can’t even build it because there’s a hard cap, then I’ve lost the primary motivation to play: being able to build cool new stuff when I get inspired.

I don’t think it’s necessary to make it more destructive if people build big. If you have something like a claim flag, that should take care of it. However, I would love to see the punitive Purges for people who enclose lore stones, block up dungeons and caves, etc. When I say “punitive Purges”, I mean Purges that don’t have any human NPCs and hit much harder than normal monster Purges.

Personally I wonder if a hybrid of these styles will work: The claim piece protects everything connected AND within a set area for free - HOWEVER outside the area it requires materials that increase proportionately to the amount of stuff it’s trying to maintain. In a sense, players with decent-but-not-overwhelming sized bases are protected but it forces extreme builders to have to maintain their empires. I don’t recall, but didn’t you advocate for a 1 claim per player/clan in a thread? I’m too lazy to look it up atm…

I love it – makes it easier to balance the cost formula.

I had a suggestion, but the thread is closed due to inactivity:

so on private server this is what we did pippi has a heat map that allow to finding what you own and where … next limited how many of each pet / building / placable via server setting … next do clan membership that scale the builds so thus … just by limiting the builds they can do you can find some decent size … my recommend for max size building is 4k build pieces … you can do alot with that and be ok … so far on private server with build rules everything been really helpful

LOL you make a sentence with “holy” and “unmoderated server”.

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