For the love of God

Stop giving every thrall perseverance. Every time since the siptah update, 90% of the thralls I level to 10 only get perseverance. No matter their faction or what food I give them. The RNG needs to be checked or be re balanced.

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Maybe this will be part of the 2.2 Patch being worked on (scheduled for the end of 2020)?

The devs did say the 2.2 patch would focus on combat, so maybe they’ll fix thrall abilities to make them more combat-effective.


My clan has a running joke about followers: we celebrate when we get any follower – thrall or pet – to level 20 without getting any survival-only perks. :laughing:


All my fighters are super-accurate. As in, their Accuracy far outweighs all their other stats, despite what I feed them or what armor I put them in. :confused:


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