For the love of modders

Hi funcom team,

would you consider adding to the DevKit the SpatialOS components?
SpatialOS is a network and computational backend stack that make use a cloud of servers for best performances.

For those who don’t know, they where the first ones to be hit by the “unity engine” controversy, couple of games where developed in unity using this system but unity was also developing their computational and networking cloud so they changed the TOS and licence of unity to make the use of spatialos retroactively “illegal”, and games had to stop development/updates or have to make some shady deals(I’m speculating).
Unreal engine (and other foundations/associations) came to the rescue with a money grant to have spatialos guys concentrate on unreal engine implementation.

Could you immagine this cloud networking and computational stack as the backend to conan exiles? possibly with dynamically generated terrain?
It could be THE game saver.

Thank you for reading.


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