For the love of singleplayer

I play mostly on single player. I played several instances of multiplayer, but for one reason or another (latest one being a long covid illness) I ended up quitting after losing everything. I still love playing the game , and now prefer playing single player, where things are more permanent and my game won’t decay if I go away for a while. I also like that I was able to find in the admin panel customizable settings that made the game a lot less grindy and soloable.

However, there are a couple of options missing. Some of these can be addressed by “cheating” with the admin panel, or using mods, but it would be awesome if the devs could implement them for us single players in the future. That would make for a complete, cheat-free single player experience. here is what I think is missing in the current admin panel:

  • Sliders to control the frequency and triggers for meteor storms (star metal). Right now it is too hard to obtain in single player (almost impossible in fact) due to the mechanics tied to number of other players.

  • Sliders to adjust number of summoning surge mobs per triangle, in the same way we can now adjust numbers of maelstrom mobs. Right now, as a single player, it is impossible to have a difficulty setting that is fair for T4 surges and doesn’t dumb down the rest of the game, or a difficulty setting that is fair for the rest of the game that doesn’t make T4 surges impossible. This is considering that these were meant to be a team effort in multiplayer.

These two sliders would make for a complete Isle of Siptah single player experience. Thanks for reading, and happy Holidays!


Agree for 146%! Now I use Pippi mod for triggering meteor showers but have to cheat admin-spawning T4s 'cause I just can not deal with those Surge mobs alone or even with a pack of Followers (from Better Thralls mod) without killing Thralls. Using Eldarium knock-out is way too expensive. 700 Decaying Eldarium for T4 Surge is something about 10-11 runs through a vault, it makes no sense for me.


Uhm… I don’t think meteor strikes are tied to player numbers. It seems that one has to be in the vicinity of where meteors can strike in the Exiled Lands. You can afk there, minimize the game and look back 20 minutes later - you’ll probably have some smoke coming up near your. That’s where the meteor is.

Probably same with Siptah, but I haven’t played that in single player.

On a private server only I play on, there have always been several star metal nodes near the tower on Siptah. They come done after each purge and remain until harvested, I assume.

The suggestion to make meteor strikes more friendly to single player is still valid. But the problem is slightly different, and there is the aforementioned workaround in single player - annoying, admittedly, but it works. Tried it myself.

Meteor strikes require you to be in range while playing single player.

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Yes but to note that there is a timers if you in the area the timers start you have 30 minutes of a % for it to happen however if no fall the the timer starts again and for the next 30 the % will be higher however leaving or logged out will reset the timer

They are more likely to happen the more people are playing in the server. It is likely someone is there at all times if the server is well populated. If you are in the world by yourself and are not in the area, you have 0% chance of it happening. In multiplayer many times I walk in the area and there are meteors there because someone else has triggered them.

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Yes, one can see an indirect link. In an indirect way, ■■■ | edit due to oversensitive word filter: the thing mama and papa do behind closed doors | causes cancer, too. But the statement more players -> more meteors is a bit misleading by itself. Just wanted to clarify that in case somebody doesn’t know.

Your point, however, as I said, remains valid.

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