For those resubbing and still frozen


Was able to activate account at register(dot)funcom(dot)com
[can’t link funcom’s own website? lol]

This new website didn’t see my old account until after i went to that old one.

Hope this helps someone who’s waiting for a reply that may not come for days.


Didn’t work… account went from cancelled to open, but still listed as free. Subbed yesterday


Most of the problems I have been reading about, is not a problem with finding the accounts, but a problem with Funcom’s billing system.


My account was an old subscribed account that was turned off.

I tried to resub and the payment went through on this new website but did not change the status of my account back to active.
Upon resubbing at the old system at that link, it updated my account to active.

Obviously, it’s not going to work for everyone as people have different situations. However, it may (and already has) help some other people in the same situation I was in.


Same for me , paid and account still frozen , tried that method but nothing


That’s great if it worked for you, but I’m not going to accept that the answer is to pay funcom again for an account I have already paid for. I paid to reactivate my old main account, and that did the paid / frozen thing, then I said the hell with it and upgraded a brand new free account. Now both are not showing as active even though the funds have been taken out of my bank account. If I understand your post, your saying you paid on the new system, that didn’t work and you went and paid through the old system and that did, so you paid twice for the one account.


Don’t do it. I just tried to. I paid on the new website and the old one just now. So if you look at my billing history (on both websites) it shows i have 2 paid months. Account still marked as “frozen”.

Not cool.


Yep, and my ticket is still in because of that, but I’m playing.

Look, do it, don’t do it… whatever.
People are having issues and something worked for me so i shared.

I’m done with the conversation, i’ve shared my info.
Have a good night.


I didn’t mean to upset or offend you if I did. Just making a statement that doing that is only going to make the whole situation worse, they are obviously having a problem, and adding double billing errors by trying to use the old system is going to stress an already stressed system. Anyways, I’m glad you got in and are able to play, wish I could. Enjoy it and have a good night.


I reactivated my old account yesterday. I see the payment went through but the account is still frozen. In fact, I thought the payment didn’t go through, so I paid again, but now, I’ve paid twice and it’s still frozen. I opened up a ticket with them to activate my account and refund the 2nd payment.


I created a brand new account yesterday, gave them $30, and still don’t have access to the game.


seems we are not getting this to work.

sad thing is i really believed funcom would delivery this time.


I’d at LEAST like a statement by someone soon. I understand it is very early morning there but they’ve got clients they need to answer to.

Payment ID Created Description Amount Status
123094759 2019-03-08 Anarchy Online 1 month recurring 14.95 USD Approved
123094758 2019-03-08 Anarchy Online 1 month recurring 14.95 USD Failed
123094755 2019-03-08 Anarchy Online 1 month recurring 14.95 USD Failed
123093724 2019-03-07 Anarchy Online 1 month recurring 14.95 USD Approved
123093720 2019-03-07 Anarchy Online 1 month recurring 14.95 USD Approved

status: Frozen / Expired (2019-03-08 01:47:04)


Hey Sarcoph,

thanks man, it worked for me. Account reactivated.


Membership Status

Frozen / Expired (2017-09-24 15:30:03)

Resubbed yesterday morning. 24 hours and waiting for response to my ticket. Didnt realize new server would bring back thousands of people and totally demolish the one person who FC has hired to work on these issues. Eather did FC it seems lol.


Same thing.

Resubed yesterday and still cant play…

|2019-03-07|EUR|17.19|Failed|Anarchy Online 1 month recurring
|2019-03-07|EUR|17.19|Approved|Anarchy Online 1 month recurring
Account status Frozen (Failed Payment)

Ticket #1105025


Same issue. Payment succeeded but says my account is still free. Tried to login to 2019 server and it says I do not have access…
Funcom Support #1105182


I paid a 12 months sub and lost 2 paid months. My actually sub was ending in May and instead of adding 12 months after may, they started 12 months as of today… This billing system/new account website is horribly buggued… It kinda scares me because we are putting our paypal/credit cards formation on there. It’s so buggued, is it secured?


I paid for a month’s subscription, but my account is still frozen. Please help.


I wanted to sub with special offer but once i closed the window to come back later after i organized my billing credit card I could not see or use the special offer function anymore this is so unnecessary to make special offer 1 click only… now I’ ve been waiting 24+ hours for a reply from support not even knowing if I will be able to use the special offer