For those resubbing and still frozen


I subbed on a fresh new account… payment is still pending, tho it was deducted from my account. It also charged me twice- however I only paid for 1 month. I can log in the game, even the new server, can make a new character, but don’t have access to the expansions (??).
I have opened a ticket, tho I don’t have many hopes since it’s weekend… it’s frustrating.


Re-Subbed 6 hours ago and still can’t get in! Anyone from Funcom around to speed up this process?


Day 4 or 5 for me…When i thought delay i thought maybe one more day


i just did what you told me… reactivated, now i payd both accounts two times, but its stil frozen. when i log in it stil say not paid… wtf are you doing FC, stealing money like that…


I just resubbed from an account from 12 years ago. Paid via paypal now have this:

123116892 2019-04-15 Anarchy Online 1 month recurring 14.95 USD Approved
123116891 2019-04-15 Anarchy Online 1 month recurring 14.95 USD Pending

No idea why there are 2, as I only did the process once. Account still listed as frozen even though it gave me 60 points for what looks like a resub.

I just want to use what I JUST paid for. Nothing less nothing more.