Forgot about the artisan table?

Looking at the artisan table, it doesn’t make a difference if there is a thrall in there or not, recipes, speed, resource cost , all the same.
Is that intentional or did they just forget about the bench,
I understand some economy updates, but by making crafting thralls only play a minor role, a large chunk of the games appeal is taken away. No more thrall hunting, waiting for the purge…
50 new Thralls? You can keep them… Endgame Loop on pve just got smaller


Yep. And Purge thralls have also been devalued. We now appear to be balancing the main game around the expansion as opposed to vice versa.


If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask. It’s ok to be a noob.

Purge thralls are no more. - Sledgehammer again… I only asked for a shave.


Meh, you can farm gossimer and make silk in your inventory as you farm, eliminating the need to worry about producing grubs that decay for silk. This addition seems like a “oh hey by the way, lets add this useless thing” to me.

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Youa re not getting the point but still choose to answer…

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