Forgotten Kingdoms x3 PVE on PC!

Welcome to the Forgotten Kingdoms!
Dedicated PC server located in North America.

We are a very active and friendly 50 slot PVE server. Our community has been together for over 10 months and we have created a well established admin team to give you the best playing experience possible. We host multiple PVP and PVE events during the week and on weekends where the whole server comes together in discord and in-game. We understand the struggle of working full-time and being apart of an active gaming community, so we changed the server setting to make the grind and experience a little easier.

  • x3 Experience and Harvest
  • True PVE which means no PVP or raiding in the open world.
  • Loot is kept in inventory on death. Characters do not stay in the world when logged off.
  • Building and thrall decay is turned off. Bases will be removed after 2 weeks on inactivity for sandstone/tavern bases and 3 weeks for T2+ bases.
  • Level 4 Purge with 30 minutes purge duration.
  • 11 different PVP and PVE events to participate in for prizes and titles.
  • Monthly building events to win DLC’s and other prizes.
  • Community Market: Thespians are available to buy and sell from.
  • Multiple quest lines to complete with the Adventure Guild.
  • More end-game content through custom boss fights and raids.
  • Useful commands such as /home, /warp town, and /warp portal.
  • Wipe is scheduled for every 4 months to keep the server and community active.

Current Using 10 mods:
Pippi, Dungeon Master Tools, Savage Steel Vol 1, Fashionist, Emberlight, Dudes Delightful Decorations, Dye More Betterer, Immersive Armor, Less Building Placement Restrictions, Unlock Plus (with Pickup)

Join us on discord for more information:

Our server hosts a community market where you can buy and sell items using thespians.
We have admin merchants that sell dyes, horses, saddles, admin only trees, ect.
There is also an “Open Trade Area” that has unlocked chests for you to safely trade items in.
Improved Crafting Benches are open with Purge Crafters attached.

The Second Floor hosts a player owned market.
You are also to place your Thespian here and sell items to other players.

We have a well established server economy which uses Pippi Coin.
Every player starts off with 10 bronze and you gain an additional 10 bronze per hour of playtime.
The bank, located on the hill in the big white building, is where you can buy admin only items and sell resources.
You can also earn more currency by participating and spectating server events.

We have portal room which highlights some of out events and quests.
It has active warps that will teleport you to a few different location on the map such as:

  • PVE Arena
  • PVP Arena
  • Parkour Tower
  • Werewolf Event
  • Horse Obstacle Course
  • Donation Area
  • Town

There is also a map room for everyone to use!

We have 11 server events that you are able to participate in!
Each event has a different style of play: Solo/Team PVP, Solo/Team PVE, Building Competition, ect.

We host 2-4 events a week depending on our admins work schedule.


August 28th 2020 at 7:00pm EST!!

Hosting an Archery Event in 10 minutes!! Come on and join us!!

17 people in discord who will be playing in the event tonight!!