Formal process to declare war removes all pvp restrictions

It would be nice to have a system where two clans can declare a mutual war, which would remove all pvp restrictions such as time windows, even on a pve or pve-c server.

Conflict servers are nearly empty out of primetime and also there are issues with the clan system so most of the people who remain run solo or very small clans. I say remove primetime for now and have pvp247 no building damage (at least for conflict) bc that doesnt require much work for the devs.

I agree with this point that pve-c should be 24/7. Seems kinda silly that it isn’t. Just play PvE if you’re afraid of getting attacked.

I’m thinking more for PvE crowd who have built this awesome base that laughs at purges, and maybe rather than just quitting and letting it decay they want to see how it would stand up to a player attack. Or maybe two clans just want to settle a dispute the old fashioned way.

I disagree with 24/7, many of us signed up for the optional aspect of PVP. Many of us are playing with friends or family who hate pvp, and thanks to the rule set, can just avoid playing at those times. The real issue I see with how the servers are set up right now is that they’re chunked.

It seems silly to have a solid chunk of time devoted to pvp that totally screws anyone in a bad time zone, in a nightshift or graveyard shift, out of doing PVP. I’d much rather see a rotation of pvp and pve times. 2 hours of pve, 2 hours of pvp, on-off, on-off. Or rotations of 4 hours PvE/PvP. Both these solutions would open up PVP to all kinds of life style and increase total PVP time per day.

But ive been online all day and have only seen one person.
247 pvp doesnt mean every encounter is pvp.
Around lvl 30 i spent 3 days making and testin a croc trap, on the 4th day someone had despawned the croc with a massive tower. My character wanted to farm this troll but couldnt. The person i bumped into today, we both just kept walking.

I just find primetime anti emersion.
I think the trouble might be pve doesnt have any pvp options at all but lots of the pve crowd enjoy pvp or they would stay on pve servers.
If they used op’s idea and also the option for players to challenge each other to duel and instead of calling it pve call it honorable mode or something?