Former clan members still appear on the map after they leave it

hello again :slight_smile:

I’m coming to you guys with a new question, here’s the deal.

Yesterday, a friend of mine creates a clan that I join (new game), but after a few steps with him, it appears that I missclicked my character’s religion and thus ask for a few minutes to create it again. I then press the “replace my character” (or whatever it’s called in english, I play with a french version of the game, you get the point ^^) without having thought of leaving the clan before.

I then create my char again, join the clan, etc.

Wait for it …

We play a couple hours, build a start base along the river, and it’s already time to go to bed. Before I quit the game, I open the map and realize that my former character’s marker still appears on the map.

My friend, clan leader, can’t seem to find a way to erase it, and it’s definitly linked to the clan because I don’t see this marker while out of the clan. I even see it, when I’m launching the game on my wife’s computer, so it’s not some kind of cache data hidden on my hard drive.

I’ve tried to relaunch the server, the game, my computer, nothing seems to work, and we’re not really into dismantling the clan because it would mean losing our house and it’s content.

Is there something that we can do to have this marker disappear without starting all over again (for the 3rd time) ?

Thanks by advance for your suggestions :slight_smile:

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Have you been to the spot where the marker is? Is your former character still hanging out there? If so, I wouldn’t worry about it overmuch; eventually it’ll die of hunger/thirst (unless you disabled those for logged-out characters). You could always try luring some critters over near the body & see if they’ll “kill” it for you.

If there’s nothing at the marker location, then…I don’t know. I wouldn’t worry overmuch about it, really; just a piece of digital flotsam you can safely ignore.

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hi !

Indeed you’re right, I’ve been ignoring it since then :slight_smile: because I can’t solve the problem, since there’s no corpse at all.

Fun fact is that it sometimes still appears on the map, and sometimes not ^^

Anyway, if there’s nothing I can do, well there’s nothing I will do :smile:

Best regards,

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