Forum Account Vanished

I had just created my account, got my avatar set up and made a listing for my server. It was an 18+ server, however it confirmed to the community guidelines. I went to review my post to make sure I didn’t have any spelling errors, and it said I was logged out. So I attempted to log back in, and it said that my username or password was invalid. I figured I may have mistyped my password as I was on my phone. I went to request a password reset, and got the message “You cannot request a password reset from that up”. So, out of curiosity and in a hunch, I navigated to the server listings thread and sure enough my post was gone. Did you all delete my account without warning or reason? And if there is a legitimate reason I would like to know why. My post did not contain any adult content, it was formatted reasonably even if simple and I see listings for 18+ servers that have been up for longer than the few minutes mine was, so, what’s the deal?

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