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hi guys , i wonder what u wear when u r on ur full encumbrance mode… and because i would like to be more specific , i would like to hear ur armour combination(what u prefer to wear ) when u r in a 50 encumbrance build…


Siptah or EL


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I don’t use a “full encumbrance mode”, personally. That’s what pack animals and bearers are for.

Pvp or pve? If pvp something you can afford losing, for pve it depends whether you go siptah or el. Generally, I would go for school girl dlc outfit (the encumbeance one from derketo) + bearer’s backpack + the rest plain light.

If I am playing in IoS, then I would go for the encumbrance boots from the vault instead of light, the gloves vary.

I am only using full encumbrance for harvesting though.


I heard that medium armor has the best stamina regen when overencumbered. But I never really tested that, because I always went the build @Narelle stated.

So you could try the school girl dlc outfit (the encumbeance one from derketo) + bearer’s backpack + the rest plain medium.


Well, one would think that either the basic medium or light armor would suffice regardless. Only reason it wouldn’t really is if you are determined to stay out there wandering around picking up stone until you’re at the absolute mathematical limit of what is possible for a character to carry. You can carry quite a bit even if all you’ve got is your horse though.

Really sorry that i did not clarified that its for the exile lands and pve mode… I am most of the times in full encumbrance mode…

In siptah the best combo i have discovered as per attribute distribution, is the serpent boots, chieftain pants, wild druid chest, jhills gloves, witch doctor mask and zawbeths shield, followed by a numbing potion… And this is my permanent build as o can switch to a fighter (not the best but viable) by only switching the gloves for serpent ones, and the headgear for the wolfs… I carry the fiend axe, so i get a nice boost in strength with a small gear change on the spot…

In exiled lands, my build as it suits me, includes all encumbrance in gear except headgear (as i use vitality gear there ussually) because i wanna be able to wear a ss mask without triggering my weight balance… The numbing potion is also something i rely on as i save those +3 enc points to boost another attribute… For 4 pieces + the numbing potion most i can get is +13 encumbrance… Have not tried every armor piece yet, so i was wondering if any of u have any suggestions…

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In my gamestyle , i am the bearer… The character has 200 slots inventory and i have brought it to an end quite sometimes, as i have the habbit to collect EVERYTHING on my way while out to harvest…(meaning, animals,minerals,plants,skins,humans ,trees, and chest that cross my path when i am on harvest runs)… I also have chosen to play with no thralls or other companions except specific dungeons… So i am not used to have someone else carry for me…:stuck_out_tongue:

(Yeah ik i aint the smartest of all…)

In exiles land, my full encumbrance gear is like this.
Head : witchdoctor mask
Chest: any thing that can + 2 enc
Glove: kari raider glove
Leging: any thing that can + 2 enc
Foot : war mammoth, redeem slient legion, pride of the asir which give + 3 enc
Total armor stat bonus is +9 enc, +12 sur

Good build. For Chest and Legging add the Derketo DLC Inn-Keeper cloths that give +3 each


I use a similar build

Headgear: witchdoctor mask +10 surv
Hands:silent legion light +3 enc
Chest :poitain medium +2 enc (will switch to in keeper as suggested)
Pants:poitain medium +2 enc (will also switch to inkeeper )
Feet :silent legion medium+3 enc

Also hold the shield of zawbeth (+5surv) and using a numbing potion (+3 enc)…

So normally will be at +15 enc and +15 survival… Not bad

A big thanks to the ones who already told me their gear, and plz let me hear more plz :smiley:

My full ENC build is where I am now: 20

Everything else should be consigned to bodyguards or willing mules.


War mammoth boots grand 5 encumbrance points if I am not mistaken, the bearers pack gives you 5 more, numbing potion, tattoo, rhino head soup +3 so we went to 11. I believe the other 3 pieces will grand you at least 6 more points but I have to check so you went to 17 points. Yet all these is by memory, since 2.4 update I stopped playing full encumbrance. There is a legendary great sword that gives you +3 to encumbrance but it’s out of my play style and I need a torch too, I don’t like the vision argosean dream dust gives. I will be back with more info :wink:

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Hey, I ain’t judging. To each their own, you know. I’m just saying that unless your goal is specifically to carry as much stuff as the game will allow, then pretty much any encumbrance armor that isn’t too heavy itself would probably get the job done. Especially for anyone who’s got any kind of follower that can act as a pack mule.

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It’s a pretty big difference. We’re talking 120k-150k stone in a haul vs what, 30k?

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Mammoths r +3 (as redeemed and sl medium and heavy boots ) but i go with silent legion mediums to keep armor in medium stats and benefits. The tattoo is not worth the cost for the time is used untill fade, and last time i helped the bonuses from tattoo, potion and soup were not stackable (u could only have 1 +3 running) the less cost effective is the numbing potion…

I use no sword so its out of the way, and u cannot use sword AND tool so useless for me to have in a full encumbrance mode…

Bearer pack is a +5 but i do not use it as i prefer the witch doctor mask for head gear…


Will wait ur info!!! I wanna learn something new:D

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Yeah , no worries my post was not offensive… I mostly run on full encumbrance mode and only when i need dungeon crawling i respec to my fighter build(which also is not always true as iam too lazy to click attributes XD!! I just try to catch up with newest patch thingies as i caught (i mean u all at forums ) my self outdated XD

Any suggestion is welcome here, but i believe once u get used to not carring about how much u carry, its a hard habbit to let goXD !!

So despite what my posts may look like i 99% mean what i write in a possitive way… (Though i am sometimes missunderstood as i am not a native speaker of the english language)…

So no worries and hats off to u!!!

Yeah… Exactly my point…:smiley:

I am so acustomed to only have 10 strength that i go in dungeons with that strength and thrive (mostly with mo thrall)XD…
Just takes more time :stuck_out_tongue:

But mules carry up to 30k stone, whilst i can carry up to 200k… I prefer saving the distance :stuck_out_tongue:

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