Forum keeps putting closed threads as 'Unread'

Threads that have been closed for months keep popping up on unread with some notifications. Pretty useless option if it doesn’t work.

Have you actually read those threads? Sometimes I’m following a thread, but then someone posts new stuff while I’m asleep and overnight it falls below the threshold of how far down I scroll. If nobody posts anything new after that, those posts will stay unread even after the thread is closed.

To make sure it’s a bug, pick one of those threads (e.g. the one that says “11”) and make sure you’ve scrolled past all of those “new” posts all the way to the end. If it still keeps popping up and saying you’ve got 11 unread posts, then something’s wrong.

Yes, I’ve gone into those threads (that have been closed for months or years) and scrolled to the bottom. Sometimes it fixes it. Otherwise, it’s pretty random and doesn’t.

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