Found a Fix for invisible Objects/Bases

A few weeks ago on official pvp we almost lost our base because most objects/walls/Foundations ect. went invisible for us and characters were stuck in Limbo for several hours.

This week we raided another base and got the same Problem, first our vault and chests vanished. They are still there, you can’t run through, but can’t interact with either. After a while the enemy base went invisible,too.

Through pure luck somebody of us shot a charged arrow into the enemy base, and suddenly it poped back into existence for all of us.

We went to our vaults and testet it with the same result. If you hit an invisible object with a charged arrow, it and anything connected to it will get “fixed”

I don’t understand what kind of spaghetti code is at work here, but as Long as it works.


Doesn’t have to be charged, normal bow light attack should work too. This has been the common fix to this issue for about 4-5 months now, especially with invisible doors.

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Okay, wasn’t able to find anything about this Problem when we needed a fix badly so i thought posting it for others.

Ye, my clan stumbled across it awhile back but just never thought it was a big issue for others. Thanks for putting out the word for others tho that are just now finding this problem.

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