Found Bugs/Issues

Game mode: [Online | MP]
Problem: | Bug |
Region: [US]

Private server through G Portal
Found bugs/issues:
In volcano dungeon -
In volcano dungeon, boss room, next to recipe tablet -

Also, are the lizard guys not supposed to farm for any material in the dungeon? And the NPC’s drop no loot. Intended?

Other bugs:
On map, markers cannot be deleted
Purge will not activate even with full purge meter
Bearer Pack has no description
Tusk Trophy has incorrect picture/name
Display racks no not display weapons/shield
At Set city, NPC’s near taskmaster will attack you
At Set city, NPC’s outside North of city marker, just West of where Conan is will attack you
At Set city, Gilzan talks to you first time as though it is your second. Also, the “secret passage” does not exist.
At Set city, Southern row of buildings across from Razma house, there is a building with two NPC’s inside that cannot be accessed.

Edit 5/27 - NPC’s cannot be hit under tents

There are more but I cannot remember them all.