Found something interesting

Maybe real o maybe bias.
I found that the longer the server not restart,the more possibility to recieve a crash from elementalism
I was okay last past week,were crashes but not that often
But it gone worse and worse,today I just had 3 crashes in 20min when I am doing parsing on dummies
The same situation I remembered that happened before,it seems the longer the server no restarted the more possibility to crash
If it is trully related,then perhaps there are nothing to do with nvidia video card…perhaps more like something server wise.But hey,I dont know these stuffs…
Anyway,hope their could be a fix since crash really anoying,but I am not holding my breath.If it is as someone said code relating,then not seems funcom have that interés to do a resource sink.

4th crash.for me at least it is almost confirmed that the crash is something towards----long no restarted server-- stuff.
Do a restart and also fix the empty event log in reward,thx.

Keep crash more often to be honest it kicked me out of instance 3 times in 1 hour,its become unplayable.I am off to WoT atm,waiting server restart.
If you cant fix the bug itself,just plz do regular server restart more often.It has been about 2 weeks o more no restart…not it should be regularly once per week?

Move that to bug report