Foundation Claim/ spam Solution

You divided the entire MAP*s into areas, and if u wanted claim on that area u had to purchase it.
If u wanted another, neighbour land u had to claim that too.
A tax would be paid each 7 days in upkeep.

I was thinking of this since a player has laid claim on a beautiful land and is already only refreshing, aka not actively playing, just logging in and keepin it his.

Price could be wood etc. Maybe even Chitin since it has no other purpose…

that would also help against grief on pve servers

The land claim mechanics favour the jerks … it’s too easy to just spam the map with blocks and then login 1 every 160hrs to refresh them.

Imho the clan need to have active game time and playability applied to refresh decay timers. So whether it be some upkeep (tool cupboard cost) or a quota of time on server combined with pve kills so be it.

The engine itself already has the necessary mechanics to make the tool cupboard work . You take the feeders (thrall / pet) change the model and texture, attach it to a sphere. Check the sqrt of said sphere for all placeables within owner by player - do a little math, consume offerings to the build gods and boom problem solved.

Less maps filled with spam claims

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