Foundation Harassment

Players from Edit by Anzu: Naming ans shaming isn’t allowed on the forums. Clan on OFFICIAL PVP SERVER #1657 have locked off a large portion of the western side of the map with 100’s of 2x2 T1 structures . These are not being used for anything other than claiming land to prevent others from living near them.

I see no issue here

We are so lucky it doesn’t depend on you :stuck_out_tongue:

"Tascha Community Director

"In this case, for the hotfixes, our next focus after stability will be server performance and anti-harassment game mechanics.

As a first approach, we are looking at mechanics/functionality that will address the issue of players using placeable objects for griefing purpose or to claim wide areas of land easily."

In PvE its very funny, I did today realize my cool neighbours decided to wall like a 50% of central savannah area, including elephant and rhino king spawns, half a dozen rhino spawns, a lake, the few trees from that area, and well, about 500km2 of land.

It was so big, it allowed me to build like an almost 50x50 building between their base and their perimeter walls (which I did to prevent them from fully closing all that area).

And there was room for half a dozen houses more, so their perimeter is as big as with even with the landclaim radius, half a dozen players are still able to stablish there (at least before they place doors, higher walls etc).

Of course if we all did that, just 40 players could block most of the map’s best areas. Already had to deal (and happily demolished when decay allowed me) with huge jungle blocks, river blocks, valley blocks…stuff that wouldnt be allowed in a private server.

So yeah, as they say, they are working on some measures to prevent, or soften the impact of this.

im fairly sure they will decay after a few days.

i placed a 1x1 foundation with a stair on to transport thralls. it was gone after like 2 days

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