Foundation height and fast decay time

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Asia]

  1. After placing the stone foundation with raised height, the item disappears from inventory but not placed in the terrain. Might be only in certain terrains since I see no one mentioning it. I was trying to build a house on a small uneven ground on top of a cliff.

  2. I had this problem on American server. I logged out for about a day, less than 24 hours and my smelter and tannery disappeared. Checked the log and it said they were abandoned and decayed. The time recorded was about 13 hours after I logged off. The structures were outside of the base, one cliff below the main base. Checked the abandonment setting on the server and they were normal. Stranger thing is that carpenter’s table didn’t disappear which was built before smelter/tannery but was in the same location outside of the base.

PS. Lastly, thank you for fixing things to eventually work. I really like the fact that you guys are also working on the survival element to be more challenging. The game was too easy until 1.30 update. I beat the witch queen and 2 giant statues by accident with a stone spear at level 15. Below are a couple suggestions that would enhance the gameplay tremendously.

  1. Stealth element. Hunting element.
  2. Stutter issue
  3. L2, R2 during build mode
  4. Able to scroll down inventory with R stick without having to highlight items with L stick. (Finding items are such a chore)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Raise the height of the foundation

  2. Place it on the ground

  3. Log out

  4. Log in

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