Foundation spam on Official


How can I report a clan on official? They built on one side of the map towards ocean and everytime we go over their our game freezes and crashes and they are walling off my friends base so he can’t Leave his base , how is this allowed ? They are gonna kill the only populated PVE US server :cry:


I hate sandstone spammers!


Well try talking to them first… But then get as much evidence as you can, screenshots etc, and report them here;


Hi @Sniperrelaoded, to report players that are breaching the terms of conduct in Official servers, you should reach out to us through Zendesk , as detailed below:

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How long does it take for them to look into it ? I’m being told they are blocking spawn points and doing it to other people

Could be a while… just gather as much evidence as you can first, and eventually they will get banned… well thats if they have actually breached ToS.

They have surrounded the front of his base and working on the back :frowning: all we wanna do is play but these douchebags are doing this stupid stuff


Not that it’s justifiable, but have they given any reason for this? Maybe you could resolve it quickly, if they have an issue with your friend. If not the chat logs will provide additional context, and evidence.

However that’s definitely against TOS. They are also using an exploit (can’t put details here, but I’m sure it’s obvious)… Try talking (If you haven’t already), and if not just get as much evidence as you can.

Also if you’re not aware you can use a repair hammer to display the owner of a structure.(but don’t post those details in the forum).

Good luck!

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Yeah they said that he put a sign up at his build location saying that he is their to stay, so backstory time. Me and my friend found a huge decayed base and I mean the 2nd biggest on the server so we ended up going through it. We’ll he put building blocks down on the location so that way he could build their, so we got off cause it was 7am central standard time for me and 10pm for him. The next night we got back on cause I was working during during day and for some odd reason Conan logic made it possible for them to build where he put his building blocks, so he messaged a clan member of theirs and asked hey why did u build their cause his foundatioms was their and the clan got offensive and said some really immature things to where Sony Moderation removed half of the clans messages and then they built around his base, they are blocking spawn points and things u have to get done to work your way up . So we are done messaging them for them being so childish. So now it’s funcoms time to step in for player harassment and foundation spam. They are placing random builds all over the map and when u go towards their main base you rgame will freeze and crash. How is this allowed on official servers ?

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Well it sounds like that was probably their base, either that or they just want the loot from it/ attempt to stop you moving it.

Yes, I don’t blame you. If you’ve messaged them, and they respond in a negative way there’s nothing more to say…:slightly_frowning_face:

Well I hope you find a solution, but in my experience those type of players always quit eventually anyway.

We r ready for that day cause they got a massive base that is lagging the server

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