Foundation spam


Trebs are really great way of attacking a base, either on ground or even more fun if it’s on top of a mountain.

But a big downside to this way of attacking is the insane spam of building pieces that most clans do now.
Private servers often have rules against it. But then clans tend to build small 4x4 houses. And will not call it spamming foundations.

So is there a good solution to make this one go away? You can’t restrict players to only have 1 base fully connected. I mean, we need to be able to build wheels and other types of buildings around the map.

B5xgPL1 post this in imgur to see how insane clans can go when it comes to spamming.

Its not that big of a problem w the news patch decay on foundations are more balanced + puting foundation close resources dont always affect the resource + also purge so in ny opinion is not that suck of a problem