Foundation spamming, stats exploit

I am on official server 3114 ps4, we had guys place foundation all around our base, that wasnt too annoying because we had the land there but now they block obs and place foundations around all our buildings and they dont fight just constant running and double jump spamming with this all stats glitch -.-, clan is the firm we are s2n

Funcom think it’s your problem and you should not bother them with it.

Trust me - since official release I had 3 raids where the opponents used exploits and glitches and guess what - Funcom doesn’t care about it.

They said that will fix some of the issues, but my experience told me it could happen next months or years.

Instead of bring us Code of conduct and to ban those players once and forever - they just let them to ruin the official servers.

So rather they are “pay to win” players, because Funcom doesn’t do anything against them and don’t let us share the information of what they are doing, or Funcom just want those toxic players to cause nobody to play on official servers and to shut them down and make even more money from the game.

You think that harassing is bad - just imagine what is to see how enemies attack with avatar like there is no avatar defense or how they put bombs inside your bases (trough the walls and ceilings) and the only thing you get from the devs is “oh, thank you for telling us about those issues, but those players are very welcome to continue of using those exploits - you are free to use game mechanics to fight with them, instead of bother us”

Then you want want to do it, but guess what - their bases are with “bedroll access” (glitched too), so no matter of what you are doing - you cannot even scratch them. :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t expect any help from Funcom - they already took your money, so why to bother with your experience. :slight_smile:

If you din’t want to deal with Other numpties blocking you in join a private server where stuff like that is against the rules.

yeah the rules made by 14 year old abusive server admin ^^

Just join a well established server that has active admins to police it.

not sure that a 14 yr old can afford or would know how to run a proper server.

I dont need a “police” abusive cheating admins, I need the game to work in it’s core.

Maybe I should shut up because I was burned by abusive admins more often than I had issues with exploiters.

There is ONE difference between an EXPLOITER and Abusive Admins,… you can beat the expoiter but you can not beat the Admin!

i just put suggested going to a private server.

Completely up to you which server you play on.

2heavy, sorry to hear about your bad experiences on private server :frowning:

Funcom anything to say?

Its ok we quit. Gg

You know what man, we have the same problem on PvE server #1930 and we’ve been trying like crazy to get anyone at Funcom to do something about it…because we sure as hell can’t on PvE. Several people have also left, probably not to play on a private server either. Well, at least you’re not alone bud but I’m going to bug the crap out of them until they tell me “No” personally.

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