Foundation upgrading sometimes destroys placeables on top

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3177

Bug Description:

When upgrading T1 foundations to T3 placeables on or next to the foundations get demolished. And the hammer sometimes switches to demolish mode by itself.

Bug Reproduction:

Upgrade foundations with the hammer, see placeables getting destroyed.

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The length of time one presses the place button to switch to destroy seems either extremely short, or somewhat variable.

This one has likewise unintentionally entered demolish mode during a construction spree.


there is a demolish mode?

If you hold down the button that places a piece, it changes into destroy a piece and the cursor turns pieces red as it hovers over them.

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This behaviour is horrible… Sometimes it seems to be so fast that I don’t even see this red delete cross… Placing something and pufff something behind is gone… Or the foundation below…

It should be another button to switch into delete mode. Or just give it 5 seconds holding.

Sometimes I have the feeling that lag causes this too. After deleting some parts of my base by accident I am so careful and fast but it happens and this looks like I had some framedrops and the button up Event is triggering too late.

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Continuing the discussion from Foundation upgrading sometimes destroys placeables on top:

No. The question isn’t about the unintended demolish mode, i am aware of that. The placeable on top of the upgraded foundation/ ceiling piece sometimes get’s destroyed because the game obviously thinks that it has lost stability. It has happened multiple times in such conditions where the dot hasn’t been anywhere near the placeable, not a chance on earth it could have been demolished because of that.

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for letting us know this wasn’t properly registered.

We will forward it to our team for investigation.

Have a good day! :slight_smile:


Hello Mayra,

Maybe there is a way to change the delete option switch from R1 to L1 and let it open with a longer pressed interval then it is now.
L1 opens the construction menu and has no other function when constructionhammer is equipped

Greetings @ConanBoDk,

Currently, there’s no way to reassign keys on controllers. But we will forward your feedback and suggestion to our team.

Thank you for your support! :slight_smile:


“And the hammer sometimes switches to demolish mode by itself”

But the exchange was over a month and a half ago so the loss of context is understandable.

It is as whimsical as how long it takes for the hammer to cycle to demolish mode, whether a placeable is returned to inventory or just destroyed.
Had a similar issue with a compost bin just last week. Very nasty.

It is extremely unfortunate that key binding isn’t an option. Having the two presets is… ok… ish.
However, between the construct demolish issue and whether a button attacks, talks to, or sends one’s wolves/prisoners with jobs to attack something is also troubling.