Foundations underneath the top are damaged

I finished a Purge and went around repairing my base. I saw some damage beneath my current foundations, and I used ghost mode to see what it was. The lower, unseen foundations are damaged for some reason.
Also, found a thrall I lost the other day underneath my base. I was waiting for her to come back and brought her back to ground.

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You know how when there are two enemies behind each other and you do a heavy attack with spear, you hit both of them? I’m guessing the same thing is happening with your foundations: a creature attacked your base with an attack that had enough reach to go through the first foundation in its line of attack and also damage the second. I know that avatars could do that kind of damage, back when it was possible to summon them.


Hello @Trappist01x, which purge npcs did you get?

As CodeMage mentioned, it’s quite possible that certain npcs’ attacks could’ve hit through certain building pieces.


Wolves, Nordheimers, Cimmerians, Mammoths, Elks, and a Dragon which never made it near my base.


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