Foundatios break right after placing?

Edit - Apparently it was a very costly bug. Came back an hour later and it fixed. Very strange.

So i spent all night scouting for a place on official pvp to build away from everyone. Found a perfect spot on some unnamed gate tower. In the highlands border, there’s a big flame tower with 2 smaller towers beside it. Perfect square flat area.

I spent all day making the buildings. 400 tier 3 hard brick foundations, walls and ceilings… place them all on the very top of a side tower, 30 seconds after placing they all IMMEDIATELY break. Hours of work gone and a sick day from work wasted.

Is there a reason or solution for this? Because that really made my day suck and i’m starting to dislike all the bugs and setbacks on top of constant worry of being wiped by people. Just to check, i went SP. Exact thing happens there as well. Every placeable non-foundation immediately disappears.
Building on very high areas is the only way i can play this. I’m not about to play chicken run from the pvp warlords every day i wake up.

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