Fourth Fatal Server Crash in 2 days - same error each time

We’ve been experiencing crashes on an official server (twice within an hour yesterday)

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By the way. Since @Narelle deleted their post.

It said something along the lines of:

My server is booting fine after the update, so it must be a mod problem, here is my modlist that works right now in case you want to know where you don’t have to start testing.

I never told anyone not to post their modlist. Just told someone in less words that their comment was not only off-topic, but needlessly condescending and imprudent.

Thanks to everyone else for coming and contributing to a constructive conversation. I look forward to a response.

Since you keep tagging me @Mad_Marius, your initial report had pretty much zero value because it shows a generic report with no record of what happens before the crash. No details such as logs, how is the server hosted, how many players, what kind of mods, etc. People come with such reports all the time just to turn out that it is something on their end or caused by a mod they have installed which is no longer supported and updated.

In addition, before commenting, I had my server running for hours without a single crash. Furthermore, I reviewed a bunch of logs to try to identify common errors. There are a few errors that pop up but none of them crashed the server for me. There is no common pattern in the reports from what I can tell either.

To go even further, I started a Vanilla Test Server to try to crash it by using legacy thralls with specific weapons, playing with their stances, guard areas, distances and so on. While the errors were still there, there were no crashes even when these errors were spammed.

Now, while there might be a vanilla issue, posting a crash report not mentioning what mods you are using is not helpful either considering your mod list, you are using mods that haven’t been updated for a while and others that are well known for causing issues. Just a few examples:

  • Improved Quality of Life causes issues on every single update. People still report issues with it even though it was updated on 7th. Just go through the comments on steam. The mod author is not particularly responsive either.
  • All the Little Things hasn’t been updated since 2018. It may not need an update but still it is something to consider.

I am not saying don’t report but when you do, give all the details and leave it to the developers to judge what is relevant or whatnot.

EDIT: I also do my reseach and you are running a server with no wipes which usually means a bunch of legacy assets and a heavy database. You had a very long mod list out of which some mods were apparently removed at some point:

Now if you have said that you had it wiped at some point and all the mods were vetted, then I might have been more willing to consider other possibilities.

EDIT: Sorry for the multiple edits. If your intention was to simply collect the number of people experiencing this error in order to further contact them for more details and then submit a report to Funcom, then my apologies.

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That’s an ad from almost a year and a half ago before I took stewardship of that server from its old leadership and developed it into something. You didn’t need to search my post history to learn that either. I told a guy a handful of posts above that I wipe monthly, and I have since the month after the post you’re referencing… Yeah, way back then that was a rude awakening haha.

But thanks for the failed attempt at an ad hominem swipe. I’ll stick to the business at hand, thank you.

This is getting way off-topic now. I’m not here to start an argument, but I wanted people to have context because I think this forum is way less productive than it could be otherwise due to self-proclaimed gurus showing up and telling others what to do, rather than approaching with an open mind. My initial post was that I was asking people to come here and post their logs. Your initial response was:

[this is my modlist that works, if youre running any of these mods they’re ok because I said so]

I didnt say a modlist wasnt relevant. I said YOUR modlist wasn’t relevant.

And it still isnt.

Congratulations to you for not having any crash events. Seriously, that’s quite lucky, especially given that so many others are. But I really hope if you take a moment, you’ll come to realize that commenting on a post where someone is trying to get help with an issue and saying “I dont have this problem, it must be something you have set up wrong, here are the mods I have that are working - you figure it out” would be discouraging to most people that don’t quite know what they’re doing. Y’know, the people you’re claiming to be interested in helping? Remember them?

When you answer someone like that, they’re unlikely to press their case. When they don’t press their case, the next person that comes along sees the post and doesn’t bother chiming in. Then we delay the dev team from getting their intel. Then we get a lot more players quitting the game and never supporting Funcom again because a fatal error bug crashed their server myriad times and all of their gear was taken off their bodies by the other guy who managed to log in faster.

Listen, I get that your initial reply was well-intended, if a little self-important. And I certainly get that my initial report was vague. So I’ll apologize here and now for being rude in my response to you. But the vagueness was completely intentional. I’ve been scouring these forums for shreds of valuable information for a long time now and I’ve seen tons of issues go unnoticed, or be discounted and discouraged by other community members who jump in assuming that every name they dont recognize must be inept.

I was asking people to come here and post their crash logs from outside of this forum because I know how a lot of active voices in the community operate. Go with the first cookie-cutter response that’s been regurgitated ad nauseam and move onto the next case like some kind of reluctant and apathetic triage operation.

Unfortunately, I believed myself experienced enough with my own hardware and my own server that I was prompted to do my research before I came here. I wanted to establish that there was some problem occurring all over the place before the conversation devolved into semantics. I’m glad I did.

As to the rest of your tertiary points, yeah iQol caused a failure to boot situation. I was the one who first reported it to Muzlu on his discord. (though he probably already saw it coming)

All the little things is literally just an itemtable merge.

Both of those bullet points are irrelevant though, as there are people all over the place experiencing frequent crashes without any mods at all. There are reports of official servers crashing in much the same way.

Thanks for your opinions though.

EDIT: None of this is directed at Multigun. I’ve seen you bend over backward for others, both here and in your own community.

Let’s just try to keep this on topic, please. We don’t need to bash or belittle anyone. We are server Admins trying to get some answers on why this is happening. Let’s leave it at that.

Thank you.


@drachenfeles I was referring to his opening post which he kept tagging me about. He mentioned later on that he wipes monthly apparently but anyway this was not my point at all.

If we want to get to the bottom of all this, we need to eliminate as many variables as possible and figure out what the people experiencing crashes have in common which can only be done if everyone who submits a report here gives as many details as possible instead of posting just “my server crashed” in the form of a generic report. As posted by Ignasis, they can’t really do much with a report in this format:

Most of the people after op have posted at least the events before the crash itself and shared their mod lists in case they run any, which is a step in the right direction.

I am not asking people to resolve the issue themselves, all I am asking is not to “hide” what might be relevant details assuming that they are irrelevant.

Script stack log unavailable (DO_BLUEPRINT_GUARD_BASE==0)!

[2020.05.10-17.18.21:888][339]LogThreadingWindows:Error: Runnable thread TaskGraphThreadNP 0 crashed.
[2020.05.10-17.18.21:888][339]LogWindows:Error: === Critical error: ===
[2020.05.10-17.18.21:888][339]LogWindows:Error: Fatal error!
[2020.05.10-17.18.21:888][339]LogWindows:Error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x000000b8
[2020.05.10-17.18.21:888][339]LogWindows:Error: !0x0000000000000000
[2020.05.10-17.18.21:888][339]LogWindows:Error: Crash in runnable thread TaskGraphThreadNP 0
[2020.05.10-17.18.21:958][339]LogExit: Executing StaticShutdownAfterError
[2020.05.10-17.18.21:958][339]LogWindows: FPlatformMisc::RequestExit(1)
[2020.05.10-17.18.21:958][339]Log file closed, 05/10/20 19:18:u7121:

Before that crash we have hundreds of these logs:
[2020.05.10-17.18.20:641][328]LogScriptCore:Warning: Script Msg: Attempted to remove an item from an invalid index from array ActiveNPCTerritorySpawners [0/0]!
[2020.05.10-17.18.20:695][329]LogScriptCore:Warning: Script Msg: Attempted to remove an item from an invalid index from array ActiveNPCTerritorySpawners [0/0]!
[2020.05.10-17.18.20:738][330]LogScriptCore:Warning: Script Msg: Attempted to remove an item from an invalid index from array ActiveNPCTerritorySpawners [0/0]!
[2020.05.10-17.18.20:780][331]LogScriptCore:Warning: Script Msg: Attempted to remove an item from an invalid index from array ActiveNPCTerritorySpawners [0/0]!
[2020.05.10-17.18.20:829][332]LogScriptCore:Warning: Script Msg: Attempted to remove an item from an invalid index from array ActiveNPCTerritorySpawners [0/0]!
[2020.05.10-17.18.20:879][333]LogScriptCore:Warning: Script Msg: Attempted to remove an item from an invalid index from array ActiveNPCTerritorySpawners [0/0]!
[2020.05.10-17.18.20:917][334]LogScriptCore:Warning: Script Msg: Attempted to remove an item from an invalid index from array ActiveNPCTerritorySpawners [0/0]!

Yep, i never use mods cause, while running others servers, always get same answer that mods are the reason of random crash/erros/bugs

also, i did some wipes heres, as a request from my own community. last was in 2019/12

I can send all logs here to any devs if they want/allow. Its frustrating to see a crash with only some hours online…

You can’t get through to some people I guess.

As stated before. I’ll gladly post full logfiles if necessary, now that everyone has come here and seen that there is undeniably an issue to be addressed. That was step one of my goal. Im more than happy to cooperate and provide any specific details that anyone thinks might be a lead, now that this discussion has made it past the gatekeepers.

The problem here is that the entries that show up right before an error in the logs can be misleading. The first couple of crashes I experienced referenced an actor component from better thralls right before the fatal error. I PMed Testerle and (harassed him a little bit :P) and he assured me that the entry indicated that particular function had completed. I still removed better thralls anyway before my OP and guess what, it still crashed randomly.

Lots of people are having this crash who have never used better thralls.
I have logs that make no mention of better thralls.

Now lets suppose that I posted the initial log with a modlist and a crashlog that showed better thralls right before the crash.

Where would we be?

Nowhere. A couple of people would have shown up and said “AHA! I DONT USE THAT MOD AND I DONT HAVE CRASHES! GIT GUD SCRUB”

And that’s flawed logic, not helpful, and detrimental to this community. So yes, I abbreviated that entire section of the report to “private dedi server, yes mods, just logging” in order to get past that kind of thing.

Im not going to relent here. SorryNotSorry.

Update: yet again I experienced two crashes yesterday during higher player volume (1900 and 2100 Central time) and haven’t had any crashes since while most of my community was asleep.

As per Ignasis on another thread (emphasis mine)

This log error is a generic error, so there’s not much information to go from there. When crashing and if prompted, please send us the crash report through its tool so our team can process it.

Thanks in advance and apologies for the frustration.

And as per Spynosaur_Nicole:

Hey thanks for the all the info on the crashes! If you sent the crash report that’s great. I’ll go ahead and relay this to the dev team.

Seems they’ve got their sniffers on the job. Waiting to see if there’s anything more we can do from the outside. :+1:

Hey thanks for the all the info on the crashes! If you sent the crash report that’s great. I’ll go ahead and relay this to the dev team.


Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

pls, how can i send my crash logs? will be happy to help

Yeah, Im actually confused too. You get the option to generate and send a clientside crash report, but for a server crash I have no idea.

I read Ignasis’ statement quickly and thought it just instructed users to post a report here in the forums, but it does seem to allude to a tool right?

I uploaded them and send her the links via pn

Script stack log unavailable (DO_BLUEPRINT_GUARD_BASE==0)!

[2020.05.11-22.33.10:443][ 5]LogWindows:Error: === Critical error: ===
[2020.05.11-22.33.10:443][ 5]LogWindows:Error:
[2020.05.11-22.33.10:443][ 5]LogWindows:Error: Fatal error!
[2020.05.11-22.33.10:443][ 5]LogWindows:Error:
[2020.05.11-22.33.10:443][ 5]LogWindows:Error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000000
[2020.05.11-22.33.10:443][ 5]LogWindows:Error:
[2020.05.11-22.33.10:443][ 5]LogWindows:Error: !0x0000000000000000
[2020.05.11-22.33.10:443][ 5]LogWindows:Error:
[2020.05.11-22.33.10:448][ 5]LogExit: Executing StaticShutdownAfterError
[2020.05.11-22.33.10:940][ 5]LogWindows: FPlatformMisc::RequestExit(1)
[2020.05.11-22.33.10:940][ 5]Log file closed, 05/12/20 00:33:10

Hey there,

Please remember to send us the crash reports through the crash report tool when prompted. Servers usually do this automatically so we’re able to collect this information this way.
We’re working on a number of crash fixes for servers which we aim to release in an upcoming hotfix.


Hi! pls let me know if u want me to send my servers crash to u by pm.