FoV slider resets on game lauch

Type of issue: Performance
Mods?: No
Edition: Microsoft Store

Bug Description:

When I launch the game through the Xbox App, my FoV slider resets to the far left, regardless of what it was set to when I closed the game. All of my other settings remain saved as they were.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch Conan Exiles through the Xbox app on Windows 10
  2. Enter the setting menu and change the FoV to desired level. For extra measure, change anything else as well.
  3. Take note of all of your changes
  4. Do one of these 3 things: Load singleplayer, join a server or skip this step
  5. Close the game via the menu buttons
  6. Relaunch game via Xbox app
  7. Return to settings and observe the FoV resetting, while nothing else did

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