FPS progressively dropping over time when playing

Hi! I wanted to ask if one of you had this issue: When playing over time, my FPS drop progressively. This happens especially when travelling with obelisks.
I start at 110fps, an hour later I’m at 50-60 and if I keep playing it falls to 40. My only base isn’t anything crazy (maybe 300 fondations). I’ve tested it with admin right, teleporting to some areas and the lag increases gradually to the point where I need to restart my game.

When I restart the game, it’s back to 110fps

It looks like some kind of memory leak to me, or something in the cache that builds up over time

Ok I’m going to assume your on single player the online server restart every day to clear to map to allow its brain so to speak to keep a good fps now with single player it varies on time but you have to log out when lag happens not much to do about it

It’s a dedicated server I made, I’m playing coop with a friend. The server restart doesn’t seem to affect FPS decay over time, only the main game restart does. It’s pretty annoying as it happens really fast.

Do you use mods ?

Most recent one is minimap, and it actually might be that. Testing without at the moment, thanks for the idea.
EDIT : IT WAS ACTUALLY THIS MOD CAUSING THE LAG (LT Compass). Switched to the QOL mod instead which has minimap and doesn’t cause lag.


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