[FR/EU] ZERGA PvP Relax X5 - (start 11.05) /NoGod /NoWipe

Hello everyone, OPEN new french server 70 slots.

=> [FR/EU] ZERGA PvP Relax X5 - (start 11.05)

Rules and server management:

XP: bonus X3
Farm: bonus X3
Hunger: 80%
Thirsty: 80%
Night: -20% (6mn)
Resource respawn: + 30%
Weapon wear: 80%

PvP Building: basic attack possible weekdays from 18H to 1H, and 14H to 2H the weekend.
PvP Player: No rules, but the spirit will be kind to the starting areas.

Admin: major and present but no use of rights off put to kick cheaters / campers from start area

Discord not mandatory but useful in case of conflict or search of players.

the server has just opened so today Friday, May 11, you are the first to put your soul on the map.

we are currently about thirty players who have all started between yesterday and before yesterday, so the level is low and peaceful! there is still room for newcomers before it heats up!

good luck.

the server just migrate, so the IP (your favorite) just unbind, you need to search “ZERGA” in the list to get the new IP ! sorry for that,

we just needed to upgrade server with better CPU/RAM !

thx by advance