Fragment of Power/Language Scroll Chests

I understand that the language scrolls are an addition in Siptah. Since the release of IoS I have been finding the language scrolls in Fragment of Power chests in the Exiled Lands. Only when I grab the loot from the chests it will tell me that I have found a Fragment of Power and not a Language Scroll (or whatever they are called).

Just thought I would point this inconsistency out. I feel fairly certain Funcom already knows about it though.

it’s not a sitpah only content , go do the warmaker dungeon , in one of the room before the 3 bosses that gives you the statues to unlock the key , there are some library scrools shelves and you can often find said language scroll chests. being right besides the library shelves show that it is intended (since they could have “fall” from the shelves :wink: )


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