Framerate is more important than Resolution on consoles

perhaps the developers are making sure Conan Exiles has a good framerate on consoles, it would be good to have options that let players decide between a 720p 60 fps setting, and a 1080p 30 fps setting.

higher resolutions are overrated, most don’t ahve a 4k or even a 1080p TV, and those TVs have to be a certain size to even make full use of the resolution and notice the details.

overall history has proven that people find a game looks better and smoother with higher framerate instead of higher resolution.

as you can see, games like Dynasty Warriors 9 struggles with framerate, which harmed its sales due to lower performance, because they prioritized resolution.

overall, higher resolution image quality is really not that much better than lower resolution.
the difference between 720p and 1080p, is not significant, compared to the jump from 480p to 720p.

and 60 fps clearly is worlds better than 30 fps. sure, depending how processor heavy the game is, even with lower resolution, it might be capped at 30 fps (though some think even uncapped 30 fps could be better, because it can at times feel like its 60 fps. but it varies, some play it safe with capped 30 fps, though some think 60 fps could still be possible on consoles).

and one mistake developers make, is prioritizing testing on the latest version of a console, instead of testing on the regular version as a base.

this is what happened with some games where they utilizes the PS4 PRo and Xbox One X as their base testing ground , which caused them to not realize how underperforming the regular consoles are, and the overall game suffers for it.

it’s better to optimize it on regular console, then polish it further on enhanced consoles.

and remember that most customers own regular PS4/Xbox One, so much of the reviews and consumers on the fence, will be basing the game’s quality on the regular console performance levels. so Conan’s Exiles sales, will largely depend on the regular console owner masses and their impressions of how the regular console version performs.

so that’s important to keep in mind. :slight_smile:

there is talk of 1440p on consoles, but really, that’s excessive and the graphics would not but noticably better, not enough to convince people to get an enhanced console or a new TV.

even at higher resolutions, consoles will not match PC specs and the graphics it can pump out on ultra, so they really should prioritize framerate, which would make the game much more comfortable than a higher resolution with choppy performance.

Solid points!