Free account token board issue

I clicked on the token board to upgrade it but can no longer equip it. The token board now says on equip- Paid account.
Please advise.

It was almost certainly a bug that it was possible for froobs to wear the paid one for a while before the server restart :wink:

Though a bit inconvenient, the only way I can think of to fix it is to buy a new tokenboard. You can find them for example in the vehicle stores in Rome, the luxury shop next to the southern superior store in Omni-1 Trade or Finest Edition in Old Athen.

HI all,
yes the Way Saavick describes is feasible. Done it with my lowbie two days ago. But it’s very uncomfortable that the board upgrades by itself in Arete and then afterwards doesn’t work. Basic Boards are available from venor machines next to mission terminals (OA) for example.

As of the server restart, token boards don’t automatically upgrade to the paid version anymore (on Arete or elsewhere).

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How does one get a replacement for the Triumphant board from the pvp quest?

Good point… :anguished: You can either do the quest again (it’s repeatable) or petition. Doing the quest is probably quicker, but also takes some effort. So up to you.